Don’t go to Palestine! 

Don’t go to Palestine!
You’ve probably heard that line before. Or thought it in your own head when you’re choosing a place to travel- or even live! Don’t go to Palestine! That’d be crazy. Dangerous..
Well, it’s true. You shouldn’t go to Palestine. Not because it’s dangerous. Not because it’s crazy. Because, if you do, you’ll have to eventually leave it one day.
Don’t go to Palestine. If you do, you might make new friends. These friends might show you unconditional love and support and teach you what friendship is all about.

Don’t go to Palestine because you might see some incredible landscapes. Deserts. Mountains. City skylines. Winding roads. A beautiful city called Nablus that is nestled in a valley. You might gaze into the Jordan Valley after work everyday.. the landscape might take your breath away (and that could be dangerous).

Don’t go to Palestine. You won’t starve. In fact, you won’t ever feel hungry (unless you forget to prepare for Friday’s day of prayer and everything is closed). You’ll be invited to countless feasts, any day of the week. Feasts that can only be compared to our once per year Christmas day feasts. Students will bring you baked goods to your classes. Your friends parents will teach you to cook. Your friends will insist you constantly eat on road trips. Your arabic teacher might feed you chocolate for breakfast.
Don’t go to Palestine because you’ll forget what procrastination is. You’ll become spontaneous. You’ll wake up not knowing what the day will bring, and end it surprised and amazed by the adventures you went on. 
Don’t go to Palestine because you’ll be different to everyone there. And they won’t judge you for it. They’ll teach you their card games, backgammon, take you out for shisha, arabic coffees, on tours of villages, old cities, through factories, and olive tree fields. You’ll have the chance to learn and experience so much about their culture, even you might forget you’re different. 

Don’t go to Palestine because you’re family will be on the other side of the world. Several families will take you in like you’re one of their own and you’ll be welcome back anytime.
Don’t go to Palestine. People are so generous you won’t know how or what you can do to ever repay them. It might even make you more generous. 
Don’t go to Palestine because you might hear heartbreaking stories. Of love. Of war. Of life. And it will provide you with a deeper perspective. Of love. Of war. Of life. 
Don’t go to Palestine because it might change your life. You’ll forever miss those beautiful friends and awe inspiring landscapes. You’ll miss the food, your students, your adopted families. You’ll long for the spontaneity that doesn’t quite work in the Western World. It might change you. It might make you a better person. 
Don’t go to Palestine because there is no place like it in the world. 


6 thoughts on “Don’t go to Palestine! 

  1. as a Palestinian myself, I love this and thank you for your warm post! i would have liked to see more how living in Palestine will benefit you intellectually (language, politics, historical heritage..)


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  3. BKFord says:

    Agreed. This “older” American Christian lady was there a year or so ago, fell in love with all of the above, and hopes to return.


  4. Stan Squires says:

    I am from Vancouver,Canada and I wanted to say that many people go to Palestine.I know several people who have been to Palestine from Vancouver and I have heard that people from across Canada have visited Palestine.I know of People from the USA and Europe who have visited Palestine.Most people who go to Palestine go there to support the Palestine People against the foreign occupation of their country.Palestine is the only country in the world where Palestinians living in other countries can’t return to their country.That has been condemned throughout the world and still western Gov’ts like Canada and the USA support the foreign oppressor (Israel) who won’t allow Palestinians to return to their country.People from around the world should keep going to Palestine until the Palestinian People gets their freedom and are allowed to return to their country.


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